Lime Green Swimsuit

Lime is a vibrant shade of green that evokes a happy feeling in most people.  That’s why it’s such a great color for a swimwear.  A lime green swimsuit not only stands out in a crowd, but it also gives off an enchanting vibe.  There’s something mesmerizing about this hue.  Seeing lime green outside on a hot summer day brings cool and refreshing images to mind.  There are a number of different ways to wear this color without it being overbearing.  Take a look at just a couple of the pieces of swimwear available featuring this great shade.

Lime Green Swimsuit

A multi-colored swimsuit is an easy way to wear bold colors such as lime green without it feeling overpowering.  This selection fades from yellow-green to a pure dark green, passing through lime along the way.  This is a unique bikini not only in the fabric and color but also the style.  The skirt design accentuates the sexy curve of the hip while giving a little more coverage than some of the smaller bottoms.    The classic lines of the triangle top with contrasting trim complete this swimsuit.

Lime Green

Sometimes the color you want to showcase will pop out the most as trim rather than the primary color of the swimsuit.  The subdued shade of purple used for this bikini serves as an excellent backdrop for the vibrant lime green trim.  By using such contrasting colors, it makes the brighter one really pop against the more subtle shade.  A color combination like this one makes for an interesting, fully customized swimsuit.

Whether it’s two-toned, multi-toned, or a bold solid, lime green is a daring color and wearing it out will definitely gain some attention.  It’s a vibrant color and selecting it for your new swimwear says that you’re not afraid to take chances or be noticed.